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Game 67: Danny's double does it

Tonight's game story: Espinosa is teh clutch*.


Via FanGraphs

  • Squeezed: Gio Gonzalez (+3.1%) struggles with the AAA ump's zone, fanning only 4 and walking two over 6 IP and giving up 2 ER.
  • Clutch* up the middle: Ian Desmond (+9.2%) hits a go-ahead, RBI single in the 3rd (+13.1%), while Danny Espinosa (+40.4%) is 2-4 with a walk and go-ahead, two-out, two-RBI double in the 6th (+29.4%).
  • Clutch* on the mound: Ryan Mattheus (+11.6%) records a shutdown in the 7th by getting a critical, bases-loaded strikeout.

*(Note: Clutch does not exist.)