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Game 69: That's more like it.

Tonight's game story: EJax, bullpen crush all.


Via FanGraphs

  • Strong start: Edwin Jackson (+16.0%) only goes 6.1 IP, but fans 5 and only walks 1 with a single ER.
  • Strong relief: Michael Gonzalez (+15.9%) gets a shutdown to finish the 7th, while Sean Burnett (+9.4%) and Tyler Clippard (+9.4%) record shutdowns with scoreless 8th and 9th innings, respectively.
  • Just enough offense: Xavier Nady (+15.7%) continues to defy me, with an error-enhanced single for two runs in the 2nd (+16.4%). Adam LaRoche (+11.7%) follows with a graceful, effortless solo bomb to tack on the fourth (+8.4%).
  • Not so useful: Danny Espinosa (-9.9%) is 0-5, even from the right side.