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Washington Nationals' Tyler Moore In Left Field Tonight In Colorado, Will Get More Playing Time There In Future.


In his weekly chat with readers Washington Post writer Thomas Boswell wrote this afternoon that he'd like to see a certain 25-year-old '08 16th Round pick get a shot at playing more regularly in left field with the way the offense has been struggling recently. "I think it's time to start [Tyler] Moore every day in LF and see what he can do," the WaPost writer wrote, "especially because of lack of offense now." Mr. Boswell's suggestion for how to divide the playing time in left ? The Nats should play the hard-hitting outfielder who hit 31 HR's in each of the last two seasons as much as possible to see what he can do, but maybe, "... give Moore a day off against tough RHer since [Steve Lombardozzi] has hit better vs RHers. Lombo's .263/.326 OBP could jump back up quickly, especially in Colorado where the vast OF allows so many hits to fall. But I really want to see more of Moore."

Moore posted a .269/.321/.552 line with 43 doubles and 31 HR's in 129 games and 553 plate appearances at Class-A Potomac in 2010, then put up a .270/.314/.532 line with 35 doubles and 31 HR's in 137 games and 561 PA's at Double-A Harrisburg in 2011 in his third and fourth seasons in the Nats' system and he has a .310/.372/.660 line with six doubles and nine HR's in 28 games and 112 PA's at Triple-A this year along with a .308/.386/.513 line, two doubles and two HR's in his first 20 games and 44 PA's in the majors. According to reports this afternoon from Colorado by both Mr. Boswell's colleague at the Washington Post, Adam Kilgore (@AdamKilgoreWP), and the Washington Times' Amanda Comak (@acomak), Mr. Boswell's comments were well-timed:

In a small sample size so far, Moore has a .417/.500/.750 line in 10 games and 14 PA's against RHP, with a .259/.333/.407 line against left-handers. Moore is in the starting lineup in left field tonight: