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Game 71: Offensive offense


Via FanGraphs

  • Rattled: Stephen Strasburg (-5.2% pitching, +9.1% hitting) almost gets through 6 IP with a lead on 8 Ks and 1 BB before a HBP and a blown 3rd-strike call end up putting the Nats behind on 3 ER. Of course, his RBI double in the 5th (+11.3%) got that lead in the first place.
  • The battery hits: Jesus Flores (+13.3%) keeps up with Stras by going 3-4 with a double, scoring both of the Nats' runs.
  • Needle'd: Ryan Zimmerman (+2.7%) hits an RBI double for the first of two leads the Nats would lose tonight (+11.8%).
  • Phenom(enally bad): Bryce Harper (-14.4%) is 0-4 with 3 4 LOB and 3 Ks.