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Game 72: They heard you talking trash about Eckstein...


Via FanGraphs

  • DIY: Gio Gonzalez (-5.7% pitching, +7.8% hitting) gives up 5R (4ER) in 6 IP with 7 Ks and 1 walk, although he helps himself with a go-ahead RBI single in the 4th (+10.5%).
  • Meat of the order is meaty: Michael Morse (+16.9%) is 4-5 with a 2-run double (+15.4%). Adam LaRoche (+15.6%) is 2-4 with a walk and 2 dingers. Ian Desmond (+17.3%) is 4-5 with a 2-run double (+14.5%).
  • Mr. 999, 1000, and 1001: Ryan Zimmerman (+7.2%) blows through the 1000-career-hit plateau on a 3-5 night with a solo shot.
  • Quick, before the WPA runs out! Tyler Moore (+8.1%) hits a monstrous 3-run bomb for his first US RBIs (+8.2%).