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Game 75: They just can't make it easy.

Tonight's game story: Morse dinger wins it.


Via FanGraphs

  • So Close: Ross Detwiler (-24.2% pitching, +10.7% hitting) has the lead for most of his 6.2 IP with only 1 K and 1 BB, but finally coughs up a tying two-run homer (-37.3%). However, he did get a two-out RBI single for the early lead (+11.3%).
  • Is this clutch? Ian Desmond (+9.3%) gets a two-out, two-RBI single to put the Nats up by three (+16.0%).
  • Setup: Sean Burnett (+14.3%) gets four scoreless outs in relief to earn a shutdown.
  • Best mode: Michael Morse (+35.6%) seems to have finished his spring training with a 4-4 night, including a go-ahead HR in the 8th (+27.5%).
  • Closed: Tyler Clippard (+16.8%) makes it interesting but gets through a scoreless 9th to win it.