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Game 52: Promising start, frustrating finish

Today's game story: Nats finally drop one to Braves.


Via FanGraphs

  • Shaky: Gio Gonzalez (-21.1%) struggles through 4.2 IP, giving up 3 walks and 7 hits, holding the damage to 3 ER with 5 Ks.
  • Rock steady: Craig Stammen (+13.8%) walks 1 and strikes out 2 in 2.1 scoreless innings of relief.
  • Rookie power! Steve Lombardozzi (+13.8%) hits a leadoff HR off the back of the home bullpen to put the Nats ahead in the first (+10.9%). Not to be outdone, Bryce Harper (+19.8%) hits a line drive six rows up in the second deck on the next pitch (+9.5%).
  • Rookie patience! Lombo draws a leadoff walk in 8th with the Nats down by one (+10.0%). Not to be outdone, Harp walks to put two on for the Z-man (+14.4%).
  • Veteran FAIL! Ryan Zimmerman (-30.8%) is 0-4 with a rally-crushing GDP in the 8th (-26.6%).