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Game 76: Meltdown

Toinght's game story: It's hot. Nats lose.


Via FanGraphs

  • Overheated: Stephen Strasburg (-25.8% pitching, +11.5% hitting) struggles through 3 IP, walking 4, striking out 4, and giving up 3 ER. He was also 1-1 with a walk and a RBI single for the early lead (+10.0%).
  • No relief: Chien-Ming Wang (-23.9%) gives up 4 ER in his 2 IP.
  • Not clutch (which also doesn't exist): Ian Desmond (-4.2%) GDPs to end the inning with the bases loaded in the 3rd (-10.4%), while Rick Ankiel (-12.2%) GDPs to squelch a two-on rally in the 6th (-12.2%), and Jesus Flores grounds out with the bases loaded and two outs in the 7th (-11.6%).
  • Keeping his cool: Adam LaRoche (+17.5%) is 2-3 with 2 walks, 2 doubles, and an RBI.