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Game 57: So good I forgot to put a title.


Via FanGraphs

  • Not too bad: Gio Gonzalez (+26.3%) strikes out 5 and walks 2 over 6.1 IP, he but leaves with two-on, and they both end up scoring.
  • Graceful, effortless: Adam LaRoche (+2.3%) belts a solo shot to get the Nats on the board early (+9.4%).
  • Rally time: Michael Morse (+7.0%) hits an RBI ground-rule double (+10.4%) in the 4th, while Ian Desmond (+5.5%) follows up with a two-run single (+7.9%).
  • Solid: Sean Burnett (+10.5%) gets a shutdown in the 8th with an easy 1-2-3, while Tyler Clippard (+11.3%) allows a runner on the way to a shutdown in the 9th.