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Game 77: I say Zimmy's an all star (today, at least)


Via FanGraphs

  • One batter too long: Gio Gonzalez (-7.1%) goes 5+ IP, walking 4, fanning 4, and giving up 4 ER--mainly thanks to 3-run HR he gave up to the last batter he faced (-12.6%).
  • When's his power coming back? Ryan Zimmerman (+19.9%) hits a booming, two-RBI double off the wall for the early lead (+12.2%), a mammoth 5th-inning solo shot to stretch the lead to 4 runs (+5.8%), and an 9th-inning RBI single to hog up the last of the WE (+3.3%)
  • Solid bridge: Craig Stammen (+13.3%) records a shutdown with a scoreless 2 IP in relief, striking out 3 and walking none.
  • Nearly automatic: Sean Burnett (+7.2%) gets a shutdown with 2Ks in a scoreless 8th.