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Game 85: Gio's turn for the J-Zim treatment

Tonight's game story: Gio outdueled.


via FanGraphs

  • A brilliant wasted effort: Gio Gonzalez (-2.1%) fans 9 and walks none in 6 IP, giving up 2 ER--for the loss.
  • Look, more LOB! Danny Espinosa (-18.1%) is 0-4 with 4 LOB. Ryan Zimmerman (-13.6%) is 1-4 with a double, but has 3 LOB on a crucial bases-loaded K (-9.6%). Michael Morse (-11.0%) is 0-4 with 2 LOB.
  • Shakiest shutdown ever: Craig Stammen (+6.4%) walks 3, strikes out 1, and gives up a hit in 2 IP in relief, somehow not allowing a run.
  • Give some take some: Jesus Flores (+4.0%) is 2-2 with a game-tying RBI broken-bat bloop single (+13.7%) in the 5th. But after Roger Bernadina (+7.4%) gets a two-out, PH single and steals 2nd, Flo Ks to end the game with the tying RISP (-10.7%).