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Washington Nationals vs New York Mets: Series Preview Q&A With Amazin' Avenue.

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I did a quick series preview Q&A with the SB Nation's Mets site, Amazin' Avenue. The Mets are in Washington for the start of a three-game series tonight. We talked about the success the Nats have had so far, Stephen Strasburg's innings limit and what the Nationals might do at the deadline...

Amazin Avenue: The Nats have spent a great deal of time in first place in the NL East this season. Do you believe they can hang onto that spot down the stretch?

Federal Baseball: As an Expos fan my whole life, I've learned to never take anything for granted. I anticipated the Nationals being competitive this year, but didn't see them jumping out ahead of the field like they have so far this season. But the Braves are right there, the Mets and Marlins have stayed close, and I'm still not ready to completely write the Phillies off though it's getting closer and closer to that time if they don't turn it around. The Nationals have done what they've done so far in spite of injuries to Jayson Werth, Michael Morse, Ryan Zimmerman, Wilson Ramos, Drew Storen and others. The Nats have still never had their anticipated starting lineup together on the field this year and won't since Ramos is done for the season, but Werth's on schedule to return by August, Storen's already making rehab starts, and if the pitching staff stays healthy and continues to do what they've done so far this season, I don't see any reason why they can't stay at or near the top of the division to compete for their first post season appearance since baseball returned to the nation's capital.

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