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Game 87--er, 88: OMG THIS GAME

Tonight's game story: Nats walk off on wild pitch in wild one.


via FanGraphs

  • He was in this game? Ross Detwiler (+43.0%) throws 7 innings of shutout ball, fanning 4, walking none, and not figuring in the decision.
  • Clutch/not clutch: Tyler Moore (-11.4%) hits a fifth-inning solo shot to give the Nats the lead (+16.9%), then strikes out with runners corners in the 9th with the Nats down by 1 (-25.7%).
  • Reliable: Sean Burnett (+11.2%) throws a scoreless 8th to hold the Nats' 2-run lead.
  • China syndrome: Tyler Clippard (-76.1%) melts down about as spectacularly as it is possible to melt down, giving up 2 singles and a go-behind, three-run HR (-69.0%).
  • Improbable: Adam LaRoche (+1.5%) makes his 1-5 count, singling to put runners corners in the 9th (+25.3%), although his bases-loaded FC in the 10th was no help (-17.5%). Danny Espinosa (+41.9%) is 2-4 with the game-tying RBI single (+41.9%) in the 9th.
  • Chinatown syndrome: Michael Gonzalez (-34.7%) melts down slightly less spectacularly, giving up a go-behind RBI double in the 10th (-37.3%).
  • Even more improbable: Jhonatan Solano (+13.2%) singles to start the 10th. Bryce Harper (+53.5%) triples him in to tie it (+55.8%). Ryan Zimmerman (+21.2%), the first of two consecutive IBBs, comes around to get the walkoff on a two-out wild pitch (+34.9%).