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Game 92: Here's that rainy day

Today's first game story: Nats lose.


via FanGraphs

  • The J-Z jinx moves on: Edwin Jackson (+20.3%) spells the bullpen and gives the team a chance, giving up only 1 ER over 7 IP on 9 Ks and 2 BBs. Too bad the Nats couldn't score.
  • Rally killings: Michael Morse (-6.9%) GDPs with runners corners to end the 3rd (-14.5%), while Jesus Flores (-23.0%) bunts into a double play in the 7th (-15.8%).
  • CHOMP! Roger Bernadina (+13.1%) is 2-3 with a SB.
  • FAIL! Henry Rodriguez (-16.6%) earns a meltdown in the 8th, recording no outs but giving up a hit, a walk, 3 SB and a run on a WP.