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Nats Lunchbox: Will The Washington Nationals Acquire A Position Player At The Trade Deadline?


Things have changed since's Chase Hughes, the District Sports Page's Dave Nichols and I filmed this latest Nats Lunchbox segment this weekend. A lot has changed since you went to bed last night actually. The Phillies are set to announce an extension that will keep Cole Hamels in Philadelphia for a long time. The Miami Marlins' firesale continued with the Fish trading disgruntled infielder Hanley Ramirez to LA's Dodgers (along with Randy Choate). Ryan Roberts went from the D-Backs to the Rays? Does that count as a big deal? As for the Nats? There are sources telling some of the Nationals beat writers that Ian Desmond's oblique landing him on the DL has spurred the Nats to go searching for a utility infielder and there are sources telling other beat writers that that's not the case. There are some reports that the Nationals are looking for a catcher with Jesus Flores battling back issues and the backup backstop options still a little green. There was even a rumor yesterday about the Nats' renewed interest in Brewers' right-hander Zack Greinke, whose value just went up with Cole Hamels coming off the market. This latest Nats Lunchbox, however, is focused on whether or not the Nats will add a position player to their roster? Mr. Hughes, Mr. Nichols and I discuss some of the latest rumors and possibilities below: