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Game 97: And here I was worried Stras was getting tired...


via FanGraphs

  • P2K is efficient and effective: Stephen Strasburg (+27.9%) cruises through 7 innings on 94 pitches with 11 Ks, no walks, and 1 ER.
  • Back to back: Michael Morse (+6.8%) goes yard get the Nats on the board in the 2nd (+10.9%), and left-side Danny Espinosa (+12.6%) follows with his own solo shot (+9.8%).
  • No lead is too big: Adam LaRoche (+5.8%) hits a two-run bomb in the 7th to extend the Nats' lead to 4 (+13.0%).
  • Pitching out of a roster spot: Henry Rodriguez (-8.0%) doesn't make a good argument for staying on the roster, getting a meltdown by walking two without recording an out in the 8th.
  • Pitching out of a tough spot: Drew Storen (+6.3%) earns his first shutdown in a while, coming in to clean of the last of Henry's mess, defusing a two-out, two-on jam.