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Game 81: Remember when we swept the Giants? Good times.

Tonight's game story: Nats lose.


Via FanGraphs

  • Blasted and blooped: Stephen Strasburg (-12.1%) gives up a ton a flares and dinkers, but the damage comes on a pair of HRs (-11.9% and -16.8%) for 3 R. He fanned 6 in his 6 IP and walked one (the walk scored on one of the dingers).
  • No hitters: Nats' offense consists of Jesus Flores (+3.7%) with a walk and an ROE and Bryce Harper (+5.1%) walking and singling.
  • Junk time: Ryan Zimmerman (-6.8%) contributes a solo shot (+0.8%) to no particular WPA in the 9th. Michael Morse (-5.1%) doubles, then Adam LaRoche (+0.1%) singles to force the closer to appear. Moral victory?