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Washington Nationals' Michael Morse's 18-Game Hitting Streak Ends At 10 Games...


In the bottom of the third inning of the Washington Nationals' 8/2 game against Philadelphia, Ryan Zimmerman and Michael Morse hit back-to-back grounders off Phillies' lefty Cole Hamels that the Phillies' infielders misplayed.

Zimmerman hit a grounder off the mound to Chase Utley at second that Utley dropped before throwing wide to first base, pulling Ty Wiggington off the bag. Zimmerman's grounder was called a hit by the official scorer. Morse stepped in next and hit a two-hopper off Phillies' shortstop Jimmy Rollins' shoulder and into short left. Both grounders were scored hits at the time, but Major League Baseball apparently went back and had another look and changed the official record this afternoon, taking a hit away from Morse and charging Rollins with an error.

The Nationals, via Twitter (@NationalsPR) announced the reversal in the official scorer's ruling this afternoon:

Since that was Morse's only hit that game, his hit-streak, which was thought to have been extended last night when he hit two bombs out of Minute Maid Park, instead ended at 10 games that night and he started a new one the next day which is now up to seven games. Either way, over the last 18 games, Morse has a .329/.350/.579 line with four doubles and five home runs in 76 at bats.

• Another Look: The first home Morse hit last night, according to Hit Tracker Online, apparently traveled 434 ft to LF in Minute Maid Park before colliding with the new signage that hangs above the Crawford Boxes in front of the train tracks atop the wall. It's worth another look: '