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Game 116: Good at hitting and pitching

Last night's game story: Nats pitch well, hit a lot.


Via FanGraphs

  • No shutout? Gio Gonzalez (+9.7%) walks 2 and only strikes out 4 over 6.2 IP, but he struggles through it with only 2 ER (on a 2-run HR that was worth... 0.0% WPA).
  • Good start: Ryan Zimmerman (+20.4%) double in a run to put the Nats ahead in the 1st (+14.5%).
  • That really got out of hand fast: Adam LaRoche (+6.1%) draws a bases-loaded walk in the 3rd to stretch the lead to 2 runs (+9.0%). By the end of the inning, the lead was 8 runs and the Nats' WE was 99.0%.
  • Irrelevant: Danny Espinosa (+2.6%), Roger Bernadina (+1.8%), and Kurt Suzuki (+2.0%) go a combined 11-18 with 10 RBI, for only +6.4% WPA.