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Game 120: Is EJax the new J-Z? Score runs, Nats!

Tonight's game story: Remind me who's in first place, again?


Via FanGraphs

  • Three true outcomes, no support: Edwin Jackson (+2.3%) strikes out 11 in 7 IP, giving up a single walk which scores on a go-behind, two-run HR (-27.9%).
  • Together, again: Jayson Werth (-10.8%), Michael Morse (-12.0%), and Ian Desmond (-9.9%) enjoy their second game of the season all in the lineup together by going 0-11 with 5 LOB.
  • Unimpressive: Danny Espinosa (+5.1%) has the only notably positive hitting WPA, going 2-4.

(Shout out to D.C. Washington, who recently joined FBb and sang the Nat'l Anthem at tonight's game. Your version is one of my favorites.)