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Washington Nationals' Lineup For Series Finale With New York Mets. Davey Johnson Goes Full Strength For Rubber Match.

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"Oh, man. It was nasty tonight," New York Mets' first baseman Ike Davis told reporters in post game comments on SNY when asked about Nats' starter Edwin Jackson's stuff last night. "I mean, he had everything. He was throwing all his pitches for strikes, his fastball was moving everywhere and his slider was real sharp tonight." Jackson gave up just two hits, two runs and one walk last night, but unfortunately the one walk preceded Davis' two-run opposite field home run that was the difference in the Mets' 2-0 win over the NL East's first place Nats.

Asked about the home run, Davis said he wasn't trying to hit it out to left, "I wasn't trying to go anywhere I was just trying to hit the ball. We didn't really do a great job of that tonight, probably because he was so nasty, but he left a fastball up and away and I hit on the barrel and it got out of there."

"He was fun watching," Davey Johnson said when asked about the outing by E-Jax. "I mean, I don't know how many Ks he had, but he had a lot. His stuff was so electric he was overmatching them." The Nats' manager said Jackson had a good slider and curve working, but, "... his best pitch was his moving fastball that he was throwing hard and it was a better sinker than I've seen all year long. And it just psshh," Johnson said mimicking a diving motion. "The good left-hand hitters, contact hitters were swinging right over it."

The Nationals couldn't figure Jon Niese out, however, and they dropped the second game of three with the Mets setting up a rubber match this afternoon in Nationals Park. On Friday night, in discussing his plans to sit Bryce Harper for last night's game to give him a rest, the Nats' manager said he would likely give Jayson Werth and Ian Desmond the day off on Sunday so he could work some of his relegated-to-the-bench players into the lineup. "I'll probably play [Steve Lombardozzi] on Sunday and rest [Desmond]," Johnson said on Friday night.

Johnson put Werth in right Friday night and asked him to take it easy because he wanted him in center Saturday with Harper out, telling him, "I want you to take it easy in right field, and don't be stealing all these bases because I'd like you to play center [on Saturday]. You do that I'll probably give you off Sunday."

After the loss, however, the manager appears to have changed his mind, because both Ian Desmond and Jayson Werth are in the lineup this afternoon for the series finale with the Mets:

Game Time 1:35 pm EDT, but there are storm warnings in the nation's capital, so stay tuned for updates...