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Washington Nationals Say Goodbye To Atlanta Braves' Chipper Jones At 6:40 PM EDT. "LAAAAAAAAAAARRRYY!!!!"

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In 19 years as a major leaguer, 1990 no.1 overall pick Larry "Chipper" Jones of Deland, Florida has compiled a .299/.406/.506 line against the Montreal/Washington franchise, with 62 doubles, four triples, 41 HRs, 173 walks, 118 Ks and a .302 BABIP in 261 games and 1,119 plate appearances against the Expos/Nats. In 34 games and 152 PA's in Nationals Park, the 40-year-old veteran infielder has posted a .316/.388/.519 line with 10 doubles, a triple and 5 HRs. So far this season, the Nats' NL East's rival's third baseman has a .320/.414/.520 line, two doubles and a home run against the Nationals. Chipper pwns the Nats. Pretty much always has, and still it's going to be kind of sad to see him play (if he's in the lineup) his last regular season game in the nation's capital tonight in the finale of the Braves' three-game series in Washington, D.C. The Nationals announced this afternoon that there will be a pregame ceremony to honor the Braves' infielder prior to tonight's game:

Jones has been clear that in spite of the fact that he currently has a .311/.390/.519 line with 20 doubles and 13 HRs and is playing at +3.3 fWAR this season, he's calling it a career at the end of the 2012 campaign. Tonight in Nats Park, you'll get one last chance to yell, "LAARRY!" and let Chipper Jones know that in spite of the fact that he's killed Nats' pitching his whole career, fans in the nation's capital know what he's accomplished and respect the way he's played the game. Asked about the Nationals this afternoon in an appearance on MLB Network Radio, Jones said he has a lot of respect for the Braves' NL East rivals. "[The Nationals are built] on dominant starting pitching, the same as we were in the mid-to-late 90's, early 2000's, that's kind of what Washington has built over there with some young power arms, some good everyday players and a really good coaching staff over there, so they've established themselves as the frontrunner in the East and we're going to play hell trying to catch them."

Wouldn't expect anything different from Chipper and the Braves. Show up early if you can, and say goodbye to Chipper.