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Game 126: Boo, I hate summer reruns!

Tonight's game story: This looks familiar.


via FanGraphs

  • Mistakes: Gio Gonzalez (-17.6%) is pretty good over 6 IP, striking out 7. He walks 2, one whom comes around to score, and gives up a go-behind dinger after the Nats tie it (-18.8%). He doesn't exactly help himself at the plate with a base-loaded FC to home (-10.0%).
  • Rally: Steve Lombardozzi (+12.6%) makes the most of his hit, with a two-out, two-run single to tie it in the 5th (+23.0%).
  • Free passes: Sean Burnett (-5.8%) technically just avoids a meltdown after giving (and I mean giving, like on a silver platter) up an ER in relief on a HBP, two SB, and a sac fly.