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Game 129: Bam-Bam? Bam! BAM!!

Tonight's game story: Bam! Bam! Nats win.


Via FanGraphs

  • Lannanesque? Ross Detwiler (+5.5%) has a serviceable 5.2 IP, giving up 3 ER with 4 Ks and 1 BB.
  • BOOOOOOOOOOOOM! (x2): Bryce Harper (+20.7%) hits a two-run jack for the lead in the fourth (+20.5%) and monstrous 5th-inning solo bomb for the winning run that was way more impressive than its +4.0% WPA.
  • Stat-padder! Michael Morse (+19.0%) triples in a run in the 4th (+11.3%), then singles an insurance run in the 6th (+11.0%).
  • See-saw: Sean Burnett (-30.1%) melts down in the 8th, putting runners 2nd/3rd and recording no outs. Drew Storen (+37.9%) comes in to shut it down, getting out of the inning with no runs scoring.