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Game 132: More bad moments than good.

Tonight's game story: Nats battle back not quite enough.


Via FanGraphs

  • Free passes are a problem: Jordan Zimmermann (-54.3%) only goes 3.2 IP with 3 Ks and a walk. He also hits two batters, both of whom score on a go-behind, 3-run double (-34.1%).
  • My kinda party: Adam LaRoche (+13.4%) is 2-5 with a first-inning RBI single for the early lead (+13.6%) and a two-run, second-inning bomb to tack on (+13.6%).
  • Both had 13.1% WPA: Ian Desmond has a two-run ROE in the first (+16.8%), while Danny Espinosa starts the comeback with a solo shot to get the Nats within one in the 6th (+14.1%).
  • Did anyone see what happened? Ryan Zimmerman (+27.8%) singles in a run to tie it in the 6th, and Bryce Harper somehow also scores on the play to put the Nats ahead (+3.83%).
  • A bit of a meltdown: Sean Burnett (-28.5%) can't hold the lead in the 8th.
  • A bit more of a meltdown: Drew Storen (-20.8%) lets it slip away in the 9th.
  • Not all bad: Ryan Mattheus (+9.0%) actually puts up a shutdown 7th to keep it close.