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Game 146: Well, that was a fiasco.


Via FanGraphs

  • Throw more strikes: Gio Gonzalez (-18.5%) walks 4 and strikes out 5 in 5+ IP, giving up 2 runs.
  • Rally time? Bryce Harper (+5.8%) doubles to lead off the 6th (+8.3%), and Ian Desmond (+9.1%) singles him in to get the Nats on the board (+10.2%).
  • Houdini, for a while: Craig Stammen (+10.2%) comes into a runners 2nd/3rd, no outs jam after Gio leaves in the 5th and strands both runners, going popup, K, groundout. He leaves one out into the 7th with his own runners-corners, one-out jam.
  • Meltdown: Sean Burnett (-10.9%) lets in 3 runs, giving up an RBI groundout, walk, HBP, two-run single.
  • Other stuff: Errors, LOB, BABIP, bad announcers (-alot%).