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Game 149: This win counts the same as an April win

Toinght's game story: This win special for some reason?


Via FanGraphs

  • Ready for "extra" games: Ross Detwiler (+17.2%) gives up 1 run in 6 IP, fanning 5 Ks with a single walk.
  • The kids call him Zim: Ryan Zimmerman (+19.1%) doubles in a run for the early lead (+14.4%) and scores the winning tally on wild pitch (+8.7%).
  • The seniors call him Daniel: Danny Espinosa (+7.6%) doubles in a run for some insurance (+13.9%).
  • I call him Mongoose, and HE RAWKS: Ian Desmond (+10.1%) is 2-3 with a walk, as is Jayson Werth (+9.1%).