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Game 151: No-doubter.

Today's game story: Gio wins 20th.


Via FanGraphs

  • Twenty wins, 200 Ks: Gio Gonzalez (+18.7%) goes 7 strong, giving up 0 ER with 5 Ks and a BB.
  • Run support: Bryce Harper (+13.5%) atones in advance for his two-unearned-run error, doubling in a run for the early lead (+12.3%). Adam LaRoche (+8.5%) doubles him in, as well (+10.2%).
  • He RAWKS! Ian Desmond (+16.0%) singles in a circus run in the 3rd (+8.4%) and pads the lead but good with a three-run oppo jack in the 4th (+1.6%).