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Washington Nationals' Michael Morse Out Of Lineup vs Milwaukee With Hand/Wrist Issue.


Roger "The Shark" Bernadina is in left field this afternoon for the finale of the Nationals' four-game set with the Brewers. Asked for an update on the Nats' 30-year-old slugger Michael Morse this morning when his name was not in the lineup, Washington manager Davey Johnson told reporters, "I'm not 100% sure." Morse, who's struggled with wrist/hand injuries in recent weeks and was diagnosed with a tear in the sheath and a bone bruise in his left wrist apparently experienced some discomfort after yesterday's loss to Milwaukee in which he was 0 for 3 with a walk, two Ks and a GiDP. "I know he came into the training room after game," Johnson explained, "He was having trouble with his hand and I think he even was looking forward to getting maybe a shot or something so I'm just going to stay off him."

The Nats' skipper couldn't even say for sure it was the left wrist/hand that was once again bother the Nats' big middle-of-the-order bat. "Didn't get that specific," the Nats' skipper said, "Could be either one. I don't know. But, don't need it to get any worse." The Nationals' manager couldn't say how long Morse might be out until after the outfielder sees a doctor, but he said it would at least give him a chance to, "... get The Shark some playing time."

"I asked [Morse] during the game how he was feeling," Johnson explained, "He said he was fine, because I think it was in the fifth inning when I went to [Craig] Stammen, [Morse] made the last out and if he was under the weather I was going to double switch right there. He said he was fine, so he either was lying to me or it acted up later." A reporter asked Johnson how hard it was to get a player to admit to an injury at this point in the season? "There's no sense being a hero," the 69-year-old manager said, "But a lot of guys aren't going to tell you, but I'm going to still ask If I know they have something that appears to be bothering them."

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