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LivingSocial and Metro Reach Agreement On Late Service For Washington Nationals' Postseason Games.

A lingering issue with keeping Metro trains running late should the Washington Nationals' playoff games go long was solved this afternoon with the announcement that the group LivingSocial and the WMATA had reached a deal.

Half St. Washington D.C., site of the Navy Yard Metro stop which will now be open late for Nationals' Postseason games. ©

You no longer have to worry about getting home from Nationals Park via Metro should any future postseason games run late according to reports this afternoon that say the WMATA and the group Living Social have reached an agreement to keep the trains going throughout the postseason. The late starts of potential playoff games became an issue and drew attention a few weeks back when fans were stranded following a rain-delayed extra inning game and reports at the time said that it took a $29,500 deposit to keep the Metro service running later than it normally did.

Several reports in the Washington Post have covered the topic extensively.

The Nationals had previously released a statement, quoted in the Washington Post's report on the issue which said in part that, "There are a number of parties involved in these discussions and we are looking into all options, which is typical of any organization that is beginning to plan for a potentially large event that can positively impact the city."

According to the reports this afternoon in a press release from the WMATA entitled, "LivingSocial and Metro keep the trains running for baseball fans in DC throughout postseason", the group LivingSocial, "... and the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (Metro) today announced that they had signed an agreement to offer late-night Metrorail service for evening 2012 baseball postseason games in Washington, DC."

Metro General Manager and CEO Richard Sarles is quoted in the release explaining that there is now, "... a service agreement in place with LivingSocial to provide an additional hour of service for fans to get home following Nationals games during the entire postseason."

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"Under the terms of the agreement, which is standard for Metro late closings, LivingSocial will underwrite at least one hour and up to two hours of extended Metrorail service for all rides originating from Navy Yard-Ballpark station after home evening post-season games in October and November. (Extended hours only apply for Sunday through Thursday night games, as Metrorail already provides service until 3 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights.)

"LivingSocial will underwrite the cost of the late-night service and will receive reimbursement for a portion or all of those costs based on ridership during the extra hour(s). Specific details regarding extended service will be available on Metro’s website,, prior to each game."

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