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Game 158 WPA: Beyond replay, reenactment! Nationals 6, Cardinals 4

Morse doesn't have much of a grand slam swing, but Suzuki is teh clutch (if such a thing existed).


Via FanGraphs

  • A lot of work for nothin': Jordan Zimmermann (+0.0%) gets exactly no WPA for as he strikes out 5, walks 2, and allows 3 ER over 6.1 IP.
  • Wanna see it again? Michael Morse (+20.5%) gets things off to a dramatic start with a first-inning grand slam (+23.0%) that was so good that the umps asked to see it redone as impromptu theater.
  • Steady: Ryan Mattheus (+9.3%) and Tyler Clippard (+13.7%) record shutdowns to hold NN's lead in the 7th and 8th, while Adam LaRoche (+12.1%) quietly goes 2-3 with a pair of walks.
  • Dude, he Clipp'd it! Drew Storen (-30.8%) has learned a thing or two from his roomie, melting down just enough in the 9th to vulture a win.
  • He took it personally: Kurt Suzuki (+38.6%) comes up after an intentional walk to get a two-out, go-ahead, two-RBI double in extras (+41.6%).
  • Tiger-eyed: Craig Stammen (+8.6%) has a shutdown 10th for the save, thanks in part to a nifty 6-4-3 (+16.1%).