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Game 159: Looking pretty well unready for the playoffs. Cards 10, Nats 4

Detwiler and Wang are comically useless, and the bats only manage a half-hearted rally that falls short against some guy I never heard of.


Via FanGraphs

  • Not so funny if you had to watch it: Ross Detwiler (-32.5%) walks 5, strikes out 3, and lets in 5 runs over 2.1 IP.
  • A little hope: Danny Espinosa (+5.0%) hits a two-run homer to get the Nats wthin 3 in the 4th (+7.8%).
  • Hope quashed: Chien-Ming Wang (-10.1%) cashes in both inherited runners on a pair of WPs and a sac fly, and later allows two run of his own to negate the Nat's 4th-inning rally.