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Game 136: The Gio Show, featuring MOAR D1NG3RZ!!

Tonight's game story: All kinds of good baseball.


Via FanGraphs

  • Kilgore = jinxer: Gio Gonzalez (+21.0%) throws 7-innings of shutout ball, with 9 Ks and no walks!
  • CHOMP! Roger Bernadina (+15.2%) is 2-5 with a SB and a solo shot for the winning run (+10.3%).
  • Effortless: Adam LaRoche (+17.5%) is 3-4 with an RBI single to get the Nats on the board (+9.8%) and a two-run blast to pad the lead (+7.2%).
  • Leaving Griffey, Jr behind: Bryce Harper (+5.8%) has another two-dinger night with a solo shot in the 3rd (+7.6%) that put the Nats up by 3, and a rocket-powered line drive off the facing of the second deck in the 6th when the game was well out of hand (+1.1%) .
  • Stat padders: Ian Desmond (-4.1%) and Danny Espinosa (-1.6%) hit back-to-back jacks in the 7th for a total of +0.4% WPA.