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Game 138: You "100 wins" people are a bunch of lousy jinxers.

Tonight's game story: Stras struggles, Nats rally, fall short.


Via FanGraphs

  • Not with a bang: Stephen Strasburg (-41.6%) only lasts 3 IP, giving up 5 ER with 3 walks and only 2 Ks. Rizzo points to head?
  • Rally time (1): Ryan Zimmerman (+8.0%) cranks a two-run bomb out to LF to tie in the 1st (+19.3%).
  • Should've let the foul drop: Michael Morse (+36.8%) hits a game-tying solo shot in the 8th (+33.9%) and singles in a run to start the 10th inning rally (+8.1%).
  • Shutdown: Drew Storen (+12.3%) keeps it tied in the 9th, mostly thanks to Bryce Harper's arm on an inning-ending 8-2 DP (+31.6%).
  • Teh ch0ke (1): Tyler Clippard (-47.2%) goes Strasburg one worse, melting down to the tune of 3 ER to go behind in the 10th.
  • Rally time (2): Ian Desmond (+29.9%) doubles to put runners 2nd/3rd with no outs in the 10th (+25.6%).
  • Teh ch0ke (2): Danny Espinosa (-15.3%) strikes out with no outs and runner 2nd/3rd in the 10th (-15.0%), Roger Bernadina strikes out with one down and the bases loaded in the 10th (-14.7%), and Jayson Werth (-17.1%) strikes out to end the game with bases loaded (-16.7%).