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Washington Nationals 2013 Roundtable via The District Sports Page - Part 3: What Are You Most Excited About?

The District Sports Page's Dave Nichols organized a virtual roundtable discussion about the 2013 Washington Nationals, inviting writers covering the team to discuss the pressing issues facing the defending NL East Champions as Opening Day approaches. Pt. 3: What are you most excited about?


Watching the rotation D.C. GM Mike Rizzo has put together for the 2013 campaign? Watching Danny Espinosa have an Ian-Desmond-last-year-esque breakthrough campaign? Watching Denard Span lead off for the Nationals and try to steal 40 bases? Watching the Nats' prospects like Anthony Rendon, Sammy Solis, Brian Goodwin and Matt Purke develop? Watching Rafael Soriano dominate the ninth inning? Not having to hear constant "shutdown" chatter? What is it that has you excited about the 2013 Washington Nationals? That was the third question posed to the writers covering the Nats who participated in the District Sports Page's preseason roundtable.

The District Sports Page's Dave Nichols organized this virtual roundtable discussion with local writers covering the Nationals, inviting us all to discuss issues facing the defending NL East Champs heading into the 2013 campaign. Here are the people who participated:

  • Dave Nichols - Editor-in-Chief, District Sports Page
  • Alyssa Wolice - Staff Writer, District Sports Page
  • Ted Starkey - Contributor to DSP, author and Editor at
  • Ryan Kelley - DSP Prospects Writer and founder of
  • Tom Bridge - Editor, We Love D.C.
  • Joe Drugan - Managing Editor, The Nats Blog

If you're on the Twitter and aren't already following the folks listed above, you should be. Dave Nichols' Nationals coverage can be found at @NationalsDSP. The DSP's Alyssa Wolice is at @AWolice. The DSP and SB Nation's Ted Starkey can be located at @TedStarkey. Ryan Kelley can be found at @BBNewsHound. Tom Bridge and We Love DC's sports coverage can be found @WeLoveDCSports. And Joe Drugan posts on Twitter at @TheNatsBlogJoe.

What has Federal Baseball most excited about the 2013 campaign:

FBb: A full season (hopefully) of a healthy and angry Stephen Strasburg with something to prove. That’s what’s got me excited about the 2013 season. His rookie year was nothing but constant hype and attention, his second season was spent rehabbing from Tommy John and then last season was chock full o’ innings limit chatter. Now the right-hander finally gets a chance to concentrate (hopefully if people stop asking about 2012) on what happens on the mound and nothing else. Finally.

I’m looking forward to seeing him at 100% with everything he’s learned over the last few seasons. He’s saying all the right things. Concentrating on his command, working on a sinker, determined to go deeper in games, hoping to be there when the Nationals make a run at the postseason. He’s been electric to watch all along in spite of the drama surrounding him and he’s been fun to watch already this year in Grapefruit League starts. Really looking forward to seeing knees buckling and bats breaking as he piles up the Ks (and a lot of grounders).

Read the rest of the writers' responses through the link below, and thanks to the District Sports Page's Mr. Nichols for organizing the discussion: