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Washington Post Report: Partial Tear In Forearm Tendon For Washington Nationals' Christian Garcia

The Washington Post's Adam Kilgore reported this morning that the diagnois on the wrist/forearm issue that has kept Christian Garcia out of action is a partial tear of a forearm tendon that may cost the Washington Nationals' reliever/starter another week early in Spring Training.


Washington Post reporter Adam Kilgore updated everyone this morning on the forearm/wrist issue that has kept 27-year-old Washington Nationals' reliever Christian Garcia on the sidelines since February 21st. "Nationals physician Wiemi Douoguih diagnosed the discomfort at the base of Christian Garcia’s right forearm as a partially torn tendon," the WaPost's Mr. Kilgore wrote this morning, which means "at least" another week of rest for the right-hander the Nats still believe they will stretch out this Spring since both GM Mike Rizzo and Nationals' manager Davey Johnson believe Garcia could provide valuable starting depth.

Last Sunday the Nationals announced that the former New York Yankees' prospect, who has had two Tommy John surgeries and a separate surgical procedure on his right elbow, would miss 10-14 days with the wrist issue which cropped up after Garcia threw a bullpen session on a particularly cold Florida day early this Spring. "It's very small and it's so rare that there's mixed opinions," Johnson told reporters of the injury. "But nobody knows how he did it, except the only thing, that it was really cold [last Sunday]. That was the day that it was windy as heck. I remember them telling me he had a nasty curve ball and he was filthy. But the day after that he had some tightness."

Garcia told the Washington Post's Mr. Kilgore that surgery was not necessary:

"'There won’t be any surgery,' Garcia said. 'I’m done with cutting myself open. … Right now, it’s just about resting it. They want the symptoms to go away. Once the symptoms go away, we’ll have a plan of attack.'"

The injury may put Garcia in jeopardy of missing Opening Day since he'll need at least another week off early in what is a long Spring Training because of the third World Baseball Classic. Davey Johnson would not rule out the possibility of Garcia being able to be ready for the opener next month according to the Washington Post's report.