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Washington Nationals' Catcher Wilson Ramos Suffers Apparent Hamstring Injury

Washington Nationals' manager Davey Johnson told reporters after today's game that 25-year-old catcher Wilson Ramos suffered a hamstring injury in this afternoon's loss to the Atlanta Braves which could lead to the backstop missing some time.


Washington Nationals' catcher Wilson Ramos worked his way back from surgery to repair the torn ACL and meniscus he suffered last summer and came into the 2013 campaign stronger than the team expected, but according to his manager the 25-year-old catcher appears to have suffered yet another injury which could lead to a DL stint. Ramos grounded out for the final out of the eighth inning this afternoon and was lifted from the game in favor of Kurt Suzuki. While talking about today's loss to the Braves, Nats' skipper Davey Johnson said the biggest blow may have been the injury to Ramos.

Johnson was discussing Ryan Zimmerman's throwing error in the post game press conference after the gaffe by the Nats' third baseman led to the two unearned runs the Braves scored today when the manager said that what worried him more than Zimmerman's throwing was the injury to Ramos.

"I think he's got a pulled hammy and that's generally -- we'll wait and see tomorrow -- but that's generally a couple of weeks, at least." - Davey Johnson on Wilson Ramos' hamstring injury

"I'm more concerned with Ramos," the Nats' skipper told reporters, "I think he's got a pulled hammy and that's generally -- we'll wait and see tomorrow -- but that's generally a couple of weeks, at least."

Asked about the severity of the injury, the Nationals' manager said, "It's a pretty deep pull and we'll see how he comes out of it tomorrow, but we'll probably have to get somebody in here." Johnson suggested that 27-year-old catcher Jhonatan Solano, who's currently at Triple-A Syracuse, is the most likely option to replace Ramos if he does indeed have to go on the DL.

"We'll see what the doctors say [about Ramos]," Johnson added, "And then he'll see how he feels tomorrow. That's something you don't rush back. You don't want to be short in that department either."

Johnson described the injury news as "the heartbreak of the day" on a day the Nats dropped a 3-1 decision to their NL East rivals from Atlanta. "[He's] playing very well and hits the ball hard, tries to leg it out and pulls a hammy."

More info when it's available, but it appears to be another injury for Ramos and a potential DL stint in the near-future. After going 0 for 3 today, Ramos has a .300/.391/.600 line with two home runs in six games.