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Washington Examiner Report: Nationals Upgrade Wi-Fi In Nationals Park

A Washington Examiner report by Alan Blinder this morning says that the Washington Nationals have made significant upgrades to their Wi-Fi network in Nationals Park to make it easier to get updates from the likes of those Federal Baseball folks who are Tweeting throughout every game... OK I added that last part.

Rob Carr

Want to log on to the FBb GameThread during the game so you can comment from Nationals Park while you're at the game? Want to get our Tweeted updates during the game so you can get all the latest info and pithy commments on the game action while your watching live in the nation's capital? According to a report from the Washington Examiner's Alan Blinder this morning, the Washington Nationals have taken steps to improve the Wi-Fi in the Nats' home park. The Examiner reporter quotes Jason Zachariah, "the team's chief technical officer," explaining that the growth in Wi-Fi usage inside the park has obviously grown dramatically since 2008 when it first opened. In addition to being able to check the box score, tweet or talk to other Nats fans in GameThreads like our own, there's apparently another reason for upgrading the system as the Nats have:

"Comcast said the Nationals had opted to install a fiber-based Ethernet connection that will drive up download speeds and expand access.

"The upgrade will also give the Nationals the technological horsepower to deploy a system that will allow fans to order concessions with their cellphones and tablets, though the team hasn't disclosed a timetable to implement that amenity."

Judging by what the Washington Examiner's Mr. Blinder writes, though the concession option is coming at some point, the updated Wi-Fi system should be up and running by the time the Nats return from their road trip through Miami and New York on April 22nd to start a series with the Cardinals.

An article at by "The Motley Fool" adds that the increased attention from the national media played a role in the Nationals' decision, writing that after experiencing the last October's postseason run the organization determined that they, "... needed to prepare for the larger media contingent who required reliable and fast online access to research statistics, submit stories, transfer videos and images, and interact via various social media channels."

Have you had bad experiences with the Wi-Fi in Nats Park in the past? Looking forward to the upgrade? Amazed that people are staring at their phones while in the ballpark? Looking forward to sitting in your seat and having food brought to you instead of waiting in lines and missing the action? Eager to log on to the FBb GameThreads and comment while live in Nationals Park? I know a bunch of folks already do. There was some chatter about this on Twitter this morning after I passed the links along, so figured it was a worth a post. And if you aren't following FBb on Twitter already and want the pitch counts, updates and pithy comments we're famous for sent right to your device during the game, click below to follow us and join the conversation: