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Game 18 WPA: Gotta score to win, you know. Nats 0, Mets 2.

J-Zim struggles, but keeps it winnable. Duke is good in relief, and even Hot Rod manages to throw strikes. The Nats try to put together some rallies, but just keep getting themselves out, instead.


Via Fangraphs (click to embiggen)

  • Not enough: Jordan Zimmermann (-3.7%) struggles with a wandering strike zone, fanning 4, walking 3, and giving up 2 ER in 5 IP.
  • Veteran patience: Denard Span (+6.9%) is 0-2 with a pair of walks, one which puts two on with no out to start an aeyth inning rally (+10.8%).
  • New moon: Jayson Werth (-24.5%) GDPs to quash the aforementioned rally--on a 3-0 swing (-19.8%).
  • I was expecting an earth-shattering kaboom: Anthony Rendon (-7.6%) is 0-4 with 2 Ks.