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Game 19 WPA: Nats back to being underdogs. Nats 2, STL 3

Haren has something that nearly approximates a decent outing, the bullpen is rock-solid, but the bats can't quite scrape out enough runs. Storen was dominant, in spite of not moving the WPA needle much in his inning.


  • Close to quality: Dan Haren (-33.2%) throws 5+ innings, fanning 3, walking 3, and giving up 3 ER. Remember how walks are bad? Yep, they still are.
  • Some kind of heroic: Craig Stammen (+26.3%) comes into a bases-loaded, no-out jam and records the next six outs without allowing a run.
  • Ready? Anthony Rendon (+2.0%) doubles in the tying run for his first major league hit (+14.7%) in the fourth, but he strikes out to lead off the ninth with the Nats down by one (-8.3%).
  • Highs and lows: Ian Desmond (-9.7%) doubles in the Nats' first run in the 4th (+13.5%), but Ks with runners 2nd/3rd to end the aeyth (-16.8%).