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Game 21 WPA: Okay, NOW can I panic? Nats 2, STL 4

The Nats can't stop the rain of bloopers or bad calls, nor can they see to string together their offense. Games start counting next week, right?

(Yeah, it cuts off part way through the 9th... I think Jim Joyce's terrible strike zone crashed Fangraphs.)


Via Fangraphs (click to embiggen)

  • P2K > P2C: Stephen Strasburg (-10.0% pitching, +3.1% hitting) strikes out 7 and walks 1 over 7 IP, giving up 3 ER in a bloop-filled first. He also singles to start a 6th-inning rally, eventually scoring the Nats' first run.
  • Rally? No: Jhonatan Solano (-0.7%) singles to put runners corners in the 7th, Nats down by 2 (+10.5%). Steve Lombardozzi (-10.8%) swings through ball 4 to start a strike 'em out (-10.8%), throw 'em out (-8.0%) DP, ending the inning.
  • Jobbed: Drew Storen (-4.9%) gives up an ER in the aeyth after opposing hitters keep getting extra chances (see below).
  • Weak up the middle: Ian Desmond (-10.3%) and Danny Espinosa (-9.0%) are a combined 1-7 with 5 LOB.

Bonus graph!

Jim Joyce is bad at umpiring.


via (Click to embiggen)

Let's see:

  • Green squares in the middle of the zone? Check!
  • No green triangles in the middle of the zone? Check!
  • Lots of red triangles outside the zone? Check!
  • Only a couple red squares outside the zone, and not by as much? Check!

Use the same strike zone for both teams, you blind [donkey][aperture]!