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Game 27 WPA: I polamented a mopar. Nats 1, ATL 8

Gio alternated between way out of the zone and right down the middle. Turns out walks and hard hits are not a recipe for success.


Via Fangraphs (click to embiggen)

  • Formula for FAIL: Gio Gonzalez (-28.8% pitching, +0.9% hitting) strikes out 9 in 4 IP, although that was a bit overshadowed by the five walks and 5 ER. However, his third-inning walk put him a second in WPA on offense for the Nats.
  • Your WPA leader: Tyler Moore (+1.3%) doubles to lead off the 5th (+2.8%) when the Nats were only down by 5 runs.
  • Lining more tin than silver: The only other positive WPA was Bryce Harper (+0.4%) who someone got above zero on the strength of his 0-3 with a walk. Uh, Henry Rodriguez (+0.0%) threw a scoreless aeyth with a K and no walks?