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Game 3 WPA: AAARrrrRRROOOOO! Nats 6, MAAArlins 1

Mountain Man Werth may have made the big splash, but the Zimmerman(n) "brothers" did most of the hard work of winning.


Via Fangraphs

  • Little bro: Jordan Zimmermann (+22.3%) gives up 1 ER in 6 IP with only one strikeout and two walks, for the worst outing by a Nats starter this season. If that's as bad as it gets, I'll take it!
  • Big bro: Ryan Zimmerman (+20.0%) is 3-3 with 2 doubles and a walk, including a two-run two-bagger in the first that racked up the winning tallies (+17.3%).
  • Precocious nephew, scary uncle: Bryce Harper (+8.6%) continues his streak with a 2-4 day, including an RBI single (+9.6%), while Jayson Werth (+3.7%) hits a stat-padding 3-run bomb that the WPA needle finds thoroughly "meh" (+6.0%).
  • Intense cousin: Henry Rodriguez (+6.5%) throws a shutdown 7th with a K, no walks, no WPs!