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Game 7 WPA: Can we just have a laugher? Nats 8, Sox 7

Gio gets squeezed, Clip and Sori can't keep runs off the board, but luckily D1NG3RZ! are in season. Also, Phil Cuzzi is bad at his job.


Via Fangraphs

  • I don't know what you're pitching to: Gio Gonzalez (+13.7%) struggles through 5 IP with 7 Ks, 2 BBs and 1 ER--on a balk.
  • Go ahead: Ian Desmond (+14.3%) is 2-4, clubbing a 5th-inning solo shot (+15.4%) to put the Nats in the lead.
  • Werewolves of Half Street: Jayson Werth (+18.3%) blasts a two-run bomb in the 6th (+18.9%) to puts the Nats up by 3.
  • Off the schneid, and how! Adam LaRoche (+8.6%) busts his o-fer-the-season with a two-run jack in the 6th, followed by a solo shot in the 8th for the winning run (+3.4%).
  • I don't feel relieved: Craig Stammen (-10.1%) vultures a win but gives up a run in relief. Tyler Clippard (-15.1%) gives up a three-run homer (-17.2%), but holds the lead. Rafael Soriano (+2.9%) gives up a two-run homer in the 9th (only -2.3%? if you say so, WPA graph...), but gets the save.
  • Also pr0: Denard Span (+13.2%) continues to be my fave, going 2-3 with a walk.
  • Shutdown: Drew Storen (+6.8%) throws a clean 8th, one of two (I think) 1-2-3 innings for the Nats all night.

Bonus Graph! Phil Cuzzi needs LASIK:


Via Brooks Baseball. (Click to embiggen.)

Gee, look at all the green squares in the strike zone. I could see he wasn't giving Gio the outside corner from the upper deck! Pick a strike zone, Blue, just one strike zone!