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Game 28 WPA: So. Zimmermann's pretty good. Nats 2, ATL 0.

P2K FTW! Zimm(n) goes 8 IP with plenty of swinging strikes--can't P2C when the chumps can't make contact!


Via Fangraphs (click to embiggen)

  • RAAARRRR! I STRIEKZ U OWT!! Jordan Zimmermann (+50.0%) shows some of the P2K side of P2C, fanning 8 and walking none (0) over 8 IP giving up a total of no (0) runs.
  • RARRR! I TAEKZ UR PITCHEZ! Bryce Harper (+1.9%) is one of two Nats hitters with positive WPA, walking in the 4th (+4.4%).
  • RAAAAARR! I HITZ IT OWT!! Ian Desmond (+16.0%) cranks a two-run jack into left center for the winning (and only) RBIs (+19.9%).
  • RAAARRRR! I UNTUCKZ MAI JERZEE!! Rafael Soriano (+8.3%) throws a shutdown 9th for the save.