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Game 36 WPA: Is something wrong? Nats 2, Cubs 8

Zim makes an error, Stras falls apart, and Duke is even work. No one can score but Desmond. Not a winning recipe.


Via Fangraphs (click to embiggen)

  • Something seems to be wrong: Stephen Strasburg (-19.0%) strikes out 7 and walks 2 in 5 IP, but gives up 4 unearned runs after a Ryan Zimmerman throwing error fails to end the inning.
  • One-man offense: Ian Desmond (+13.7%) hits a solo shot after the 5th-inning debacle (+6.6%) and drives in another run after the 6th-inning debacle (+2.8%). No one else drives in any runs.
  • Not much relief: Zach Duke (-10.9%) coughs up 4 ER while getting only two outs in the 6th, putting the game well out of reach. Nice going!
  • Lost at the plate: Tyler Moore (-8.8%) is 0-4 with 4 LOB.