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Washington Nationals' Saturday Lineup: Bryce Harper Sits With Knee Soreness; Jayson Werth; Ross Detwiler Updates

There were a number of injury updates on the Washington Nationals who are dealing with a variety of issues right now. Bryce Harper's knee is hurting. Jayson Werth's seeking another opinion on his hamstring. Ross Detwiler's headed for another test.

Denis Poroy

Count me among those surprised that as hard as Bryce Harper hit the right field fence in Dodger Stadium earlier this week, he was able to get back into the lineup. According to reports today, there are some lingering effects. Harper's out of the lineup tonight with what reporters on the scene in San Diego say is a sore left knee:

It's not all that surprising, considering Nats' GM Mike Rizzo, in an interview earlier this week on 160.7 the FAN in D.C., compared the bruising Harper sustained in the collision as being similar to that which one suffers in a car accident:

"He's sore like any kind of accident you get into. It's kind of a little bit like if you get into a car crash or something, get into a fender bender where you just get jostled or an airbag hits you or something like that, you're just sore and that's where he's at right now."

"He's sore on the left side of his body, which is the side that took the brunt of the collision, but other than that, once the soreness is gone he'll be able to perform for us." Harper returned to the lineup and went 2 for 9 with a home run in the last three games, but he's not going to be in the lineup tonight.

As for other injury updates, here's what the Twittering class had to report tonight:

Here's tonight's lineup:

Game Time 8:40 pm EST tonight from San Diego