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Washington Nationals: April In Review W/ CSN Washington's Chase Hughes - Shaky Starts; Bryce Harper Keeps Hitting

As I note below, the following video was filmed this past Sunday in Nationals Park.'s Chase Hughes and I talked about the first month of the Washington Nationals' 2013 campaign and what concerns we had thus far and what went well. A few days later, most of it is still relevant.

Kevin C. Cox

The way news breaks these days if you don't publish all of your thoughts instantaneously they're pretty much outdated by the time you come to the end of your contemplative ruminations. So what to do with a recap of the month that was we filmed on Sunday afternoon after the Washington Nationals took three of four from the visiting Cincinnati Reds? The Nationals were coming off a series of good-to-great starts from Stephen Strasburg, Gio Gonzalez and Jordan Zimmermann and they'd effectively shut the Reds down in three games of the four-game series in Nationals Park to rebound a little before heading off to Atlanta. Then they got to Atlanta and Strasburg and Gonzalez struggled against the Braves before, luckily, Jordan Zimmermann got back on the mound last night and shut Hotlanta down.

All of which is to say that though the thoughts expressed below are already somewhat dated, with us talking about how lucky the Nats have been to have Bryce Harper stay healthy and pace the offense, and a little frightening in retrospect since we all spent the past 12 hours holding our breath (seriously, exhale now, though you may remain concerned if you wish) until we heard that he was okay, they're not completely irrelevant now. BTW: Davey Johnson told reporters today that X-rays on Harper's ribs revealed no breaks, but anyone who watched last night's game has to be a little concerned with the pain on his face after the check swing that started all the worrying.

Still no word on whether or not Harper will be in the outfield tonight for the series finale with the Braves, and if Jayson Werth's ankle isn't 100%, Davey Johnson might have a short bench and a makeshift lineup tonight. But with all the necessary caveats and explanations out of the way, here's the second of two videos's Chase Hughes and I shot this weekend talking about the up and down first month of the season by the defending NL East Champs:

Nats Month In Review:

ICYMI: Here's the other video we shot this weekend, and thanks again to Chase for his work on these: