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Game 53 WPA: Well, it's a different way to lose. Nats 6, Os 9

It's not every game a player can hit 3 bombs and be on the losing side. I guess NN decided to regress his FIP and xFIP all in one game. Still, you should win the games you've won, Nats, not find ways to lose them.


Via Fangraphs (click to embiggen)

  • P2K sounds good now, huh? Jordan Zimmermann (-53.1%) must be wishing he'd missed more bats, as he gets 3 Ks and 1 BB over 6+ IP, getting blooped, bled, and wall-scraped to the run of 7 ER.
  • A bit too late: Tyler Clippard (-23.0%) fans 2 after relieving NN in the nightmarish 7th, but not before cashing in an inherited runner to go behind and then a two-run shot to put the game out of reach.
  • Overshadowed: Ryan Zimmerman (+33.9%) tried to help his brother out with 3-4, 3 HR day, but he could have used more people on base in front of him.
  • Not an adequate Harper replacement: Tyler Moore (-11.6%) is 0-4 with 4 LOB.