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Game 55 WPA: Harrowing wins are still wins. Nats 3, Barves 2

Stras goes out after 2 (not serious, we hope), but Stammen has a heroic four perfect innings to keep the Nats in the game, who score all their runs (just enough of them) on outs. And Clip threw in some drama because apparently the game wasn't exciting enough.


Via Fangraphs (click to embiggen)

  • Uh-oh: Stephen Strasburg (-0.5%) comes out after 2 IP (with back trouble?) after 2 Ks, no walks, 1 ER.
  • Perfectly steady: Craig Stammen (+26.5%) pitches 4 perfect innings in relief, with 3 Ks.
  • Double Triple: Denard Span (+21.2%) is 3-4 with triples in the first (+9.3%) and sixth (+10.7%).
  • Harrowing nature not reflected in total WPA: Tyler Clippard (-4.0%) strikes out the side in the 7th, giving up 1 ER. He's also in the 4 highest WPA plays in the game: an RBI single (-12.2%), a bases-loading HBP (-12.5%), and two bases-loaded Ks (+15.5% and +15.7%).
  • Shutdown: Drew Storen (+13.5%) gets a shutdown by holding the lead in the aeyth, with 1 K, 1 BB.
  • RBI, not WPA: The Nats score their 3 runs on two sac flies and an RBI groundout, for a total of +0.8% WPA.
  • Untucked: Rafael Soriano (+18.6%) throws a perfect 9th for the save.